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Leather Secret Wrist Cuff and Collar by House Of Wolfram

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Presented as a stylish 100% top grain leather bracelet, this inventive restraint can be transformed into an infinity style wrist restraint for any willing play partner. The Secret Wrist Cuff can be worn inconspicuously throughout daily life.

As a collar is the signal of ownership, the secret wrist cuffs can be the symbol of dominance. Made of top quality genuine leather with stainless or brass finish fittings. One size fits most.

Out on the town, at the workplace, even to conservative family events. Just flip it inside-out, and it becomes a pair of surprisingly durable handcuffs. Open it all the way and it can also become a collar.


Onyx Black

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Switches,Goths, Sadists, Masochists, Service Tops


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Canadians, Lesbians, Craftspeople, Daddy's, Witches, Service Tops


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Brats, LGBTQ+, Enby


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Gamers, Cosplayers, Brats, 420


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Goths, Littles, Power Bottoms


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Littles, Trans


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Gamers, DMs


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Fems, FemDom


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Trans, LGBTQ+


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