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The Secret Wrist Cuff Has become a symbol of recognition for the kinky community. Some in the community are not fortunate enough to afford the much desired piece like so many thousands of others so we've set up a special community contribution! 

We have an email list of those wanting to show their kinky nature with the spicy friendship bracelet but lack the means. In order requested as each full amount of donation is reached, they will be contacted to choose their preffered color and shipping address and given the well wishes of thier benefactors from the order comments!  

Choose your donation amount and each cuff purchase reached will be sent to a person on our "pay it forward" list of those wanting a secret wrist cuff that can't afford it at this time. 

We've applied a special $15 discount amount to fulfill the price of each bracelet faster for each person in need!

Contribute what you wish and thank you from our wonderful community! 


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